Why Use PHP To Build Your Website

by Rahul Kumar on 07/04/09 at 10:37 pm

Why Use PHP To Build Your Website

PHP is definitely one of the most happening and versatile development technology for the web as we know today. As much as others might claim, there is no immediate competition to it in the website development arena and thats how it shall remain for a good time to come. How good it is can be estimated from the fact that there over a million sites presently built using PHP and thousands in production will be using it.

Lets take a look at why should you choose PHP?

1. Ease Of Development: With relative ease of development for basic to medium sized websites ,it is a direct way of reducing cost of development for your project. The vast availability of quality individuals is definitely something to keep in mind as well.

2. Open Source: Having been built for Linux,Apache it is a free package and hence the cost of hosting your website will be significantly reduced.At the end the CBR( Cost Benefit Ratio) is what we all look for.

3. Light On the Servers: Websites built using PHP are much faster then its counterparts as PHP is very lightweight( well not in lbs or kg’s though) and does not take much processing power away.

4. Huge Development Community: The community is very active and hence you will never have to worry about support in terms of development teams or otherwise.

5. Most of the highly acclaimed Content Management Systems,Website Applications,E-Commerce Solutions are built on PHP. So well,if you choose any of them ,you are automatically voting for PHP (at times unknowingly).

The thoughts above are primarily from a non technical perspective and as such the technical jargon has been left out. I am sure I could have missed out a few issues and I would definitely want the community of PHP users to tell me if i did.

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