Page Rank Sculpting – When And Why To Use It?

by Rahul Kumar on 12/04/09 at 4:31 pm

Page Rank Sculpting – When And Why To Use It?

Website owners or online businesses have begun incorporating strategies that can make them both popular and increase the overall turn over of the products or services they deal with, as an end result. How does your investment on taking your business online become worthwhile? As a businessman is your business indexed with a top page rank in the search engine result? Search engine optimizing your website not just helps you become findable but propels your inbound links to your site which could lead to a high conversion rate. All said and done, are you really satisfied with having your website highly search engine optimized? Did you know there is an improvisation to this technique? Web developers have devised a more specific tactic known as the page rank sculpting, to be able to provide more relevant information to users through various search engines.

Page rank sculpting is a process of minimizing the job of search engines like Google, where only relevant and sales prospective links of a website are displayed on a search result page. A website may contain anywhere from 20 pages to 1000s of pages. Assuming the site has information that the user requires based on the keywords he uses for his search, it becomes a very long drawn process of Google trying to pick a user specific link from the infinite pages a website contains. This is where Page rank sculpting could be made use.  As a result the flow from a website could be sculpted by only allowing customer relevant page links to flow through the Google search that are automatically page ranked, high.

It is not every web designer’s cup of tea to be an expert at page rank sculpting. As the name suggests- Page rank sculpting, one could justify this technique only when he knows the knack of carefully sculpting out those pages in the website that you would want Google to rank in its search engine index. How is this exactly done? In order to have your website successfully page rank sculpted, your SEO consultant needs to invest a lot of time understanding closely the factors that would enhance the popularity of the site, ultimately launching a new horizon to its success. The no-follow tool is used to clearly discriminate less powerful pages from the other for Google, leading it to picking up the link juice that are highly prospective from the customer point of view. In this process it should be taken care that the page rank sculpting doesn’t fissure out into relevant pages. This could have a disastrous or rather a very contradictory effect. Page rank sculpting is no child’s play and is not something that every Optimizer is actually good at. Ensuring the following things will give you smooth and prosperous outcomes from a page rank sculpting that you do for your online business.

Tips for using Page Rank Sculpting on your website :

  1. Keep in mind to incorporate sculpting when the site is under construction itself as it saves you a lot of time and money.
  2. A single pointed effort is the basic and primary ingredient this technique demands as any small aspect overlooked could reverse the effects.
  3. Sculpting with various tools like META no index tags, robots.txt file or javascript could make page rank sculpting more effective.
  4. Be aware of not leaking this strategy onto relevant pages as the very purpose of page rank sculpting goes down the drain.
  5. Have a clear and organized plan before you begin with page rank sculpting your website. This makes things simpler and gives you a clear checklist to compare your work with.

Get the connoisseurs in the industry to play with this wonderful tool of page rank sculpting for you in order to see optimized results in the form of a successfully progressing online business.
Note : It has been much debated since  Google and other Search Engines adopted the NoFollow tag , you can read about it at Page Rank Sculpting – An anamoly In Google’s Policy?

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