Blackberry 8830 And Tata Indicom Reviewed

by Rahul Kumar on 27/08/09 at 11:35 am

Blackberry 8830 And Tata Indicom Reviewed

Its been 5 months of using the blackberry and I thought it was time to provide an update for my readers on its performance.

The Tata Indicom Network: For most part of my usage, the connection has been good. MOST is the keyword there. Let me explain why. Probably the best part about it being the speed at which internet is accessible through the phone and the fast access to emails that I have. Now while it works, which for 90% of the time it does, it is great. However the remaining 10% time when it doesn’t, you are out of options. It simply wont work and the pathetic bit is that if you have landline and others from Tata Indicom, all go down at the same time. I would imagine a company of its stature having a better network than this. There were days when it did not work at all and there is nothing you can do about it and it has been quite a nuisance for us. I moved over from Airtel and I am not too happy about it as my former provider did not seem to have any such issues. Call drops are pretty high and you can actually see the undulating signals which are very annoying when you have urgent calls to make.

Lets Talk About The Blackberry 8830 Handset: If you have wanted to own a blackberry like I did, till recently there was not a better option. With the advent of the Blackberry BOLD that is set to change. For those like me , who don’t care much about taking pictures ( Camera Phones) and who are more importantly into phones for calls and emails, Blackberry 8830 is very good. Pretty robust I would say as it has slipped a couple of times from my hand and not a scratch on it. I do keep it in its cover though. It resembles in sturdiness to one of those nokia’s I would say. The only concern is with the roller/mouse which tends to get jammed at times. Once it does, all you can do is keep trying to rotate it a couple of times applying extra force to be able to get things going again. Quite a pain to be honest when that happens but personally the comfort otherwise outclasses the pain this causes. The call quality is excellent as long as the network is good. The processor speed is good for working with images, documents and emails. All in all, I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy it.

Now Lets Get To The Tata Indicom Service: All I can say is that you cant teach an old dog new tricks. These guys should really and I mean really get some sort of coaching in terms of accountability and customer service. Most of your calls when made to the customer service will make you wait at least 15-20 minutes, and mind you that’s just an optimistic time span. There have been instances when I completed my dinner with phone on speaker mode and still had to hear the recording say I need to have patience. Well my friend, its not patience I lack but personnel you lack in manning your support. Numerous incidents of the sort which leave a real sour taste in a users experience.

The Last Straw Which Broke The Camel’s Back: Now mind you, I am an avid Tata supporter which is having to say this. If you read my last experience you would have noted that I was all for giving them a chance to get things straightened as I certainly know that the top rung is amazing there.  What happened yesterday however was not only frustrating but down right HUMILIATING.

All my payments have always been made on time and I have a couple phones and generally make cheque payments. For my payments which were due 26th August, 2009  my secretary had made the payments by the 20th of the month. On 26th that is yesterday I receive a call from Tata Indicom saying that my cheques had bounced because they were not signed. I guess that does happen at times when you have so many to sign. What I fail to understand though is how they accepted those cheques at the Tata Indicom TVH and also sent it to the bank without any processing. It must have passed through several hands and noone ever noticed an unsigned cheque. WOW! I was like, not a problem I will have it sent immediately. They said that there person is on his way and if I can make the payment it would be good. I was like that will be great.

The personnel came in and I made the payments in office itself. This was around 1 pm. Around 2 pm I realized that my phones were not working. All of them. The weird thing this time was that the voice said that I did not have the privilege to be making calls. I was like “WHY?”. For an hour or two I believed this was another of those glitches that happens but when  after hours it did not resolve I called up customer service. The guy tells me that my account has been suspended because of the bounced cheque. I explained him of what had happened and how I had made payments in the afternoon itself. He simply said “ I am sorry, but I cannot do anything about it and line will only be cleared once payment is received”

I hate swearing but in this case: WTF! A premium service provider which cares not a dime about its clients. With a spotless payment record and with due date for payment being yesterday, they give grace time, my connection was disconnected just cause of an unsigned cheque which was too evident a mistake. All this and I am not even past the due date of payment. Even hypothetically speaking, no one would send an unsigned cheque if he is a planning to evade. They seem to follow the logic “Guilty until proven innocent” which is certainly not the way to treat clients. Its 27th today and I am still awaiting the connection to be restored.

Bottom line to this is, you simply cannot rely on there service at all. Thankfully, I had my Airtel service continued which kept me going in my hour of need. For those planning to use Tata Indicom, you might consider keeping an alternate phone number just in case. Oh and yes, don’t make Tata Indicom the primary contact number as you might just be out of reach too often.

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